A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

Through the loving wisdom of the contemplative tradition, A Quiet Place offers sacred space and solitude for any person seeking to answer the invitation of Jesus found in Mark 6:31..."Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." Holy hospitality is offered in an environment of prayer, listening and encouragement. In seeking to become whole in God, to answer Jesus' call and to live in the spirit, individuals can be self directed or accompanied on their journey by a spiritual director.

Mission Statement:
The mission of A Quiet Place is to offer solitude and spiritual guidance in a holy place for all those seeking to come away and discern ways to answer the invitation of Jesus.

The mission of A Quiet Place is under-girded by these core values:
Prayer: A Quiet Place will be a ministry centered on prayer that encourages the growth of the prayer life of individuals and small groups.
Listening: A Quiet Place will provide a sacred space for those needing time and silence to hear the still small voice of God.
Accompaniment: A Quiet Place will offer staff to journey with those seeking Jesus.
Contemplation: A Quiet Place will invite people into a deeper level of faith through the experience of contemplative practices.
Encouragement: A Quiet Place will be a place where people are encouraged to examine and share their faith journey as part of God's continuing creative work in this world.

A Quiet Place is located on Waubee Lake near Camp Mack, and has acres of fields and forests, beautiful in every season available for hiking with mowed paths. An exterior labyrinth sculpted in the grass in a nearby woods is available for use as a discipline for meditation and walking prayer. Materials are also available with suggestions for prayer. A butterfly trail with benches is also available in the field area for meditation and prayer. The facility has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, spiritual director's office, chapel and gathering room.

Quiet Days can be scheduled for day time or overnight retreats. The kitchen is fully furnished if you desire to prepare meals.

For Pastors and Lay Leaders:
A Quiet Place encourages pastors and lay workers to schedule a Personal Sabbath Day. One day is provided to Church of the Brethren pastors each year as a birthday gift. Directed events for groups up to ten persons can be scheduled through the Spiritual Director.

Creating Community Groups:
Our understanding is that it is necessary for individuals to have times of reflection, prayer and solitude away from the many voices in the world. In these days of gathering individuals will be encouraged to take the time to hear the still, small voice of God that speaks truth and love to us. There are a variety of events available for participation.

Directions to the Quiet Place:
Take SR 15 to 1150 N. Turn East at the Waubee Lake sign on 1150 N, come to a stop sign, cross the railroad tracks and follow 1150 N to Camp Mack Road. Turn right and follow the road around the lake to Shady Banks Lane which veers right just before the Camp. It is the second house from the corner; tan with white trim, with a green sign 891 on the NE end of the building.Parking is just off the drive in front of the Quiet Place and the main entrance is the second door up the walk.

For further information or to schedule an event contact:
Norma Miller, Spiritual Director
(574) 831-2423 Home Phone
(574) 536-5672 Cell Phone
Email: milfam@bnin.net

Suggested Donation
Personal Day Retreat ~ $30
Group Day Retreat (3-8 people) ~ $20 per person or $75 minimum
Overnight Retreat ~ $45 per person per night
Group Overnight Retreat ~ $40 per person per night 
Organizations and Businesses ~ Contact Norma for pricing